Harold and the Ghosts

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directed by: Curt Linda
produced by: Franz J. Stockmann
running time: 83 mins.

Harold Mortimer Franklin McKelly is the last of his folk. All that is left of the formerly wealthy Scottish Clan is a decaying castle and poor, bankrupt Harold is facing a terrible problem: how can he get the money to renovate his castle?

Up to now, Harold earned his living with tourism. He lead curious visitors from all over the world through the halls of the haunted castle and the ghosts, his spooky ancestors, terrified the paying customers. Ghosts, however, are very unpredictable characters. Angry because of the castle's empty whiskey-cellar, they decide to hide from the tourists and they even drive away Harold's dear wife. Poor Harold is devastated. Without ghosts, there are no tourists. Without tourists, there is no money. Without money, there is no renovation, no whiskey and no ghosts - truly a vicious circle. And since the ghosts drove away his dear wife, he is all alone.

In his anger and despair, Harold decides to get rid of his ghostly ancestry once and for all. He gets his gun and chases the ghosts back to the graveyard - where they belong. There he meets Paulo, a Spaniard, who earns his pay as a gardener. The two quickly become friends and share their problems. Harold tells of his castle and the ghosts and Paulo tells him of his beloved, sunny homeland, Spain, and how much he would like to go back there.

Since nothing is keeping them in cold, gray Scotland, they decide to travel to Spain together. Over the years, Paulo has built a boat on which they could sail - but how can they get the big boat to the sea?

This is when Harold remembers the old story of an enchanted fairy, who was imprisoned by an evil spell in a vase on the cemetery. It is said that if a man with a pure heart frees the fairy from her prison, a great flood will come. With this flood they could free the boat and get it to the sea....

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