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directed by: Michael Pohl
produced by: Markus Zimmer
starring: Arne Fuhrmann, Hardy Krüger Jr., Harald Leipnitz
running time: 47 Minutes


Somewhere in the far future... The United Nations have decided on a new system of imprisonment as an answer to escalating street violence: VORTEX, a mysterious and completely isolated prison complex that is said to securely keep anyone arriving from ever going back...

VINCENT XZEDDEN, a constructional engineer in his mid-thirties, is attacked by a man in a dark alleyway. To protect his own life he shoots the man. Shortly afterwards Vincent must stand trial for murder - despite his protest and affirmations that he only acted in self-defense he is found guilty and sent to VORTEX, where according to the judge he will have to fulfill a certain quota each week.

Vincent only has a few seconds to say goodbye to his wife NATALIE before he is taken into custody by the eccentric scientist OZWIN, who prepares Vincent for his journey to VORTEX. Cooped up in a torpedo-like projectile Vincent is being shot through an underground tunneling system. Miles below surface level Vincent is met by a tough and somewhat callous guy in his mid-forties who introduces himself as BOON, Vincent's attendant. Boon leads the way to VORTEX and Vincent realizes that he has been cast out into what is in fact a whole subterranean city solely inhabited by criminals. Boon explains to him that each of them has to fulfill their “rate”, i.e. murderers, rapists and pickpockets all are forced to repeat the crime they committed on a weekly basis. So is Vincent - from now on he is supposed to execute one fellow prisoner per week. His first assigned victim is an old man named CARL AVERY. Deeply shocked and repelled Vincent refuses to kill him. But the system is merciless: if Vincent does not comply with his task he himself will be assigned to be killed.

So Vincent faces a hellish time: He can't trust anyone, won't believe anyone and to top it all, his victim seems to be the only decent person in town. Vincent is drawn deeper and deeper into a vortex of fear, aggression and violence with no apparent way out...